Friday, January 13, 2012

♥The Wedding Bells Already Ringing♥

Entry suppose to be around 2010 but 2012 baru rajin...hehe..aku nikah on 11th June 2010...yeah my marriage is almost 2 years already...hopefully more years to come with my hubby...i married to my husband with a simple ceremony..diakadkan oleh abg kandung ku sendiri sesungguhnya saat dan tika tu aku sgt sedih sbb insan tersayang (arwah ayah dan arwah cik) tak ada untuk saksikan wedding aku...i love them the just enjoy some of the picca okeh...

Already 2 years past but still fresh in my memories just like we just got married yesterday...I LOVE U SO MUCH HUSBAND!!!


mEiZ SHA said...

kejap je rasa kawen kan?:)
aku pon nak masuk setahun da beb..

Stephanie said...

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