Sunday, March 14, 2010


Mesti bloggers and readers pelik kan nape topik Stress ni dh 2 kali aku ceritakan..hehe..actually arini aku xstress pun juz saje nk share knowledge yg aku dpt dari Bengkel Pekerja Cemerlang yg aku attend last Saturday..the 3 hour workshop was so enjoyable and each second of the talk wasnt bored at all..Fasi die mmg gile ok and tau ape yg die sampaikan..and yg paling aku igt, fasi tu kata if kite xstress means kite ni Abnormal and should immediately pegi jumpa psychiatrist..haha..means aku ni yg hari2 stress overnormal i if u alls ni always stress so dunt be so worry bcos we are normal..but dunt be too stress if not it will burden ur health..well i guess dats all i wants to share with blogger..chaosss...


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