Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Last weekend we (me and ♥) went for a movie called Avatar..it was really berbaloi2 spending on the ticket cos the movie was great..the director james cameron really bring us to the imagination that the pandora planet really exist..like ♥ said the graphic was very cool and real..it tells the story of retired marin due to paralyse Jake Sully who finally have had to replace his late brother on the avatar project..at first he kinda not interested but in the mean time when he is inside his avatar he feel joy and excited bcos he can walk and run again..and while become avatar he met the avatar princess neytiri who are gorgeous in the avatar kind...haha..fell in love bla bla bla..tht was my preview on the story..and i wonder why James Cameron use the name Jake bcos it sound like Jack...he really love the J for his hero name..and it was funny bcos aft we watch Avatar and Tv2 was showing Titanic the same director and i really think that James is really good in making green screen movie..haha..


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